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George Tierney

President & CEO, MagicRobot

Member Bio:

Mr. Tierney has been on the bleeding-edge of Internet based technologies since the mid 90s leading development for some of the first web-based properties, applications and tech innovations for many Fortune 500 clients, such as The Coca-Cola Company, Audi and Sunbeam. As a member of the Atlanta technology leadership team for USWebCKS, George helped expand USWeb’s southeast operation into a top revenue generator consisting of 500+ professionals. With 42 global offices, 10,000+ employees, multiple M&A transactions and an early IPO, USWeb/CKS attained the distinction of being the largest internet professional services firm by the turn of the millennium. During his tenure at USWeb/CKS and later XOR, George was part of many “firsts”: the first consumer online banking platform; the first major brand eCommerce application; the first online DTC stock trading platform; and the first online grocery delivery service. In 2012, George again found himself at the precipice of a technological revolution. There was an emerging, yet unmet need to change and improve the country’s healthcare delivery system. Jumping in with both feet, George co-founded SnapMD, which would become the most awarded telemedicine technology provider in the industry. SnapMD’s success as a leader in the market would later result in an acquisition by VirTrial (OCT 2019). George’s work as COO and EVP of Product for both SnapMD and sister company VirTrial would put in place the key elements that would lead to the acquisition of VirTrial by Signant Health (NOV 2020) and SnapMD by AMN Healthcare (MAR 2021). Today George Service as CEO for MagicRobot, a Los Angeles based data intelligence, analytics and automation technology company.  

Functional Area :

Marketing | Business Operations & Delivery | Planning & Strategy | Technology & Innovation

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E-commerce | Fintech | Graphic Design | Internet | Software | Web Design

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