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Vamsi Kumar Kotla


Founder, ReMo Homes

Vamsi Kumar Kotla

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Vamsi Kumar Kotla was born and raised in India to a large construction family. After attending USC’s Grad School for Computer Science and receiving his MBA from Loyola Marymount University, he began his serial entrepreneur journey by running various businesses: an international travel agency, a medical tourism provider, an e-commerce retailer, a restaurant, and a residential construction company. At the beginning of 2022, Kotla founded ReMo Homes, a company rooted in sustainability and affordability by creating “sustainable smart homes on demand.” What started as a response to his own difficulties buying a new home, and fear for the state of the planet his children were growing up on, has quickly turned into a full-time job and passion project. Since starting, the ReMo team has grown by over 400%, with overwhelming investor and federal government interest in their initiatives. Less than a year after formation, Kotla and the ReMo Homes team hosted an event in Nov. ‘22 at SoFi Stadium in LA. The event, ReBuild, brought policymakers, technologists, developers, manufacturers, and investors together to facilitate a discussion on modular construction solutions to affordable housing, homelessness, and sustainability issues in California and beyond. The invite-only leadership conclave had opening remarks from LA’s Mayor Eric Garcetti and speakers from the CA Secretary of Housing’s Office, the California BCSH, Milken Institute, and more. Sessions focused on new real estate developments, public-private partnerships, sustainability, research, investments, and upcoming trends. ReBuild gathered world-class thought leaders in a way that’s never been done before in the industry. Kotla entered the US construction industry in ‘04, starting with small commercial construction and moving on to multi-family housing construction. In addition to being a full-time CEO, he acted as the VP of Operations at K&S Construction Group. Additionally, Kotla is also the co-founder and CEO of Rush49, a live events, experiences, and activities marketplace that empowers people to go out and live their best lives. Rush49 incorporates cutting-edge marketing techniques, including skywriting above Super Bowl LV, waterway billboards throughout Miami, and TV documentaries. Despite being headquartered in SoCal, the Rush49 team is present in seven countries spread over four continents — North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Rush49 was voted Top Workplace in LA and was featured in various publications, from MarketWatch and Yahoo! Finance to Business Insider.

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