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Founder & CEO of Saya Life

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Founder and CEO of Saya Life, a company providing the “knowledge of water” to help property builders/ managers, Insurance companies and Utilities manage water related risk. My goal is to innovate and transform the world’s water data collection infrastructure specifically for multi-dwelling properties where economics are tied to water risks. Backed with 20+ years of experience working in fortune 500 companies focused on development and deployment of cutting edge IOT I founded Saya Life to address the lack of actionable data to solve water related issues specially when lack of knowledge of water causes billions in liability and loss for property owners, insurance companies and utilities. The goal was to make the overall knowledge of water entering a property data more affordable and accessible. I have gained a lot of expertise on the global water economy, water technologies, water monitoring, water policy, water quality, water risk assessment, remote sensing, climate change, sustainability, rapid prototyping, product development, Machine Learning, AI, and telling the smart water management story for Proptech. I like playing sports in my spare time.

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Saya Life