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Director, ATGC Group Inc.

Member Bio

Dr. Saroj Basak is involved with regenerative medicine (stem cells and their factors) and translational cancer therapy. He has developed successful scientific collaboration between academia and industry to develop stem cell based products for medical and aesthetic industry. Currently stem cells based products developed by his team is being used in medical and aesthetic industry for development of skin care products such as anti-aging, post surgery scar reduction, wound-healing that have been scientifically validated and currently being evaluated in clinical trials. Dr. Saroj Basak is also involved with vaccination research and translational cancer therapy at UCLA. His research works involve development of immunotherapy and gene therapy strategies against cancer using viral vectors (adenovirus, helper-dependent adenovirus, lentivirus) and dendritic cells mediated immunotherapy.

Functional Area

Regenerative Medicine and Translational Cancer Therapy



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ATGC Group Inc.